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Mavi Ay Hotel Adrasan

Set in extensive grounds, The Maviay is open all year and features 16 ensuite rooms, all with fantastic views of either the bay or the fragrant pine covered mountains which surround the hotel on three sides. The spacious rooms have either twin or double beds, all have private balconies and are fully air conditioned.

A beautiful walk-in swimming pool and baby splash pool, poolside bar.

A lovely garden setting with a large orange grove to the rear, with hammocks and a Kusk (Turkish seating) - ideal for reading, snoozing, a game of backgammon, chatting and enjoying a cool iced drink or pre-dinner aperitif.

The Restaurant provides the perfect recipe for a wonderful dining experience - this area of Turkey is a major producer of fruit and vegetables and its sea teams with different types of fish, so fresh produce is always assured.

The hotel has facilities and experience in catering for special functions such as weddings, anniversary parties and special interest groups.

Ismet look forward to welcoming you and ensuring that you have a memorable and very enjoyable stay at the Maviay...