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Lycian Path

Lycian Path

Likya Yolu ( Lycian Path )

Likya, the country of sunlight, with a long antient path between the mysterious cities is ready to add more adventures to the holiday road. There are pinewoods, shrubbery, magical villages, orange gardens, thymes, garden sages and marvelous ruıned cities, waiting for you on the Likya path.


The southern region, which collected all the prosperous and wonderful beauties, looks like the traces of mysterious nation. It's as attractive as Inca and Indians culture, it starts from Dalaman creek and stretches till Teke peninsula, including Phaselis.

This path with a history of thousands years reaches Lykia city through paramount mountains, covered with woods. Antcıent paths, redıscovered by Kate Clow's long researches, is included into 2-3 week long hiking program for foreigners, visiting our country. This path reflects the holiday road of Lykia messengers and goes onto Antalya. Likya path is represented by the most brilliant scenery, untouched by humans and fantastic views .